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Perspectives on Grieving

It Just Makes Cents. Grief Support and Education in the Workplace

Create a Good Mourning Workplace with Imagine. "I see a direct link not only with our health and wellness initiatives, but also our diversity and inclusion commitment by offering grief support in the workplace. Fostering an environment where each employee feels they can bring their full, authentic self to work is so important. And having colleagues who are allies for inclusion, who are comfortable just listening or talking about this often taboo topic, is a win. Imagine offers the resources and training to deliver on this support and I am grateful to be able to offer their services to to my employees.” Sheila Rostiac, VP Total Rewards & Talent Management, PSEG Services Corporation

Hands on Tools and Advice to Help Youth Cope with Loss

In her article Circles of Love, author Kate Braestrup describes a visit to her children’s psychologist after their father’s death.  “My children are suffering,” I told the psychologist.  “They cry, Sometimes they don’t want to eat, they have dreams from which they awaken, weeping.  What can I do to make the suffering stop?”  The child psychologist said to me, gently, “Their father died.”   “I know…


This past weekend our community suffered a loss – an unexpected and devastating loss, of a young woman, Terry DiFalco.

The Truth about Your Broken Heart

It is real, and it is painful, and modern medicine has proven it.

Tears Are Good, They Let The Sadness Out

“Tears are of extreme relevance for human nature. We cry because we need other people." Dr. Ad Vingerhoets

Five Lessons Grief Teaches, by Maria Housden

Maria Housden's article in "We Need Not Walk Along," the national magazine of The Compassionate Friends, described as “a support group in print,” featuring articles by and for parents, siblings, and grandparents who are grieving the death of a child in their family.

Gentle Resolutions for the Grieving

How can we cope and take care of ourselves in the midst of trauma and loss. As we move through this holiday season with all of its expectations and commitments, please remember to be gentle with yourself and practice good self care.

Family Portraits After the Death of a Family Member

So what happens when someone dies? Do family photos become terrible reminders of the person who has died, or symbols of the love and support that the person provided? We think the latter....

Remembering...Talking About Someone Who Has Died at Holiday Time

My mother died on October 23, 2008.  A month later I spent that first Thanksgiving without her at my godmother Ginny’s house with her family. I had known Ginny my whole life and her three daughters, all around my age, were like cousins to me. They were all there too, one of them with her own three daughters.

The Gift of Having all of Your Feelings: Grief and the Holidays

There is so much pressure to be happy in our culture, especially at the holidays. We are supposed to have a Happy Thanksgiving, a “merry little Christmas” or a Happy Hanukah. But grief doesn’t take a holiday.